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We are your “business therapist”. We are not afraid to ask the tough questions to find the root cause of your problems holding you back from achieving your goals. We team up with you, work closely with your management and staff to come up with the best solutions.

Is your software creating more workload when it should make your life easier?

Do you think your team has what it takes, but you still don’t get the desired results?

Or you are not quite sure where it all went wrong, you just know that something’s not quite right?

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The game-changer: remote work

Remote work, or smart work, has been present for a while, but only started to significantly spread in recent years. No wonder! Technology today allows us to get connected in a split second wherever we are.

Remote work has numerous benefits: high focus and performance, higher transparency, overall work automation. However, if implemented incorrectly, it can give you and your team some headaches:

  • Poor communication
  • Lack of trust
  • Underperformance

We can help your team do effective remote work, no matter the size. We have a combined experience of over 20 years working for the most advanced smart working companies such as Stack Overflow and Toptal.

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remote work
agile development

Agile Development

Most high-performance teams develop software using agile methodologies. On average, agile increases productivity by 15%-23% reduces cost by 5%-7%, and time to market by 25%-50%. However, only 44% of companies adopting agile report the outcome as successful. This indicates that most companies don’t know how to implement agile methodologies effectively.

We have been successfully implementing agile since 2005 both in single teams and in organizations of up to 200 developers. We use a scientific approach to implementing agile giving your company the best possible chance of using this fantastic tool successfully.

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DevOps is a firm handshake between your developers and operations staff. It goes beyond just tools: it is a mindset that you are all in it together. Developers handle operations work as part of their routines and operations will treat infrastructure and configuration as a development problem.

DevOps speeds up the time to market, enables automation, and allows faster innovation. With our long history of working with some of the thought leaders in the DevOps field, we can help you steer your company culture towards it with tools, training, and information access.

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tech debt

Pay down technical debt

Unless your team excels at paying down technical debt, such as old code, bad decisions, and vestigial architectures, you likely have a big burden slowing you down and costing you money.

Intelligent Hack can help you pay down technical debt for good. We work with you directly to find solutions and we also teach your team techniques empowering them to pay it down themselves.

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There is no question that increasing the performance of your applications has beneficial effects on users, and therefore helps you better achieve your business goals. But it can also be risky: if not done correctly, it can lead to bugs and convoluted code.

We can bring to your company the experience of developing Stack Overflow, arguably the best performant .Net site, to maximize your performance without all the hassle.

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