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What we do

We partner with companies to improve their technological skills, productivity, and outcomes. We work by supporting the human factor and address difficult technical challenges with your team. With over twenty years of experience developing software, we can help you implement your modernization strategy or help you devise your own. We partner with our clients to continuously evolve their tech and enable an adaptive mindset to meet their business goals.

Remote Work

Remote work, or smart working, has many benefits, such as allowing high focus and performance, higher transparency and overall work automation. However an incorrect implementation of remote work can have negative consequences like poor communication, lack of trust and underperformance.

We can help teams of all sizes do effective remote work. We have a combined experience of over 20 years working for the most advanced smart working companies such as Stack Overflow and Toptal.

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remote work
agile development

Agile Development

Most modern, high performance teams develop software using agile methodologies, given the average gain of 15%-23% in productivity, 5%-7% cost reduction on average, and 25%-50% reduction in time to market. However, only 44% of companies adopting agile report the outcome as successful.

We have been successfully implementing agile since 2005 both in single teams and in organizations of up to 200 developers and we use a scientific approach to implenting agile giving your company the best possible chance of using this fantastic tool successfully.

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DevOps is a philosophy where development and operations share the same approach to their daily jobs: developers should handle operations work as part of their routines and operations should treat infrastructure and configuration as a development problem.

We have a long history of working with some of the thought leaders in the DevOps field and can help you steer your company culture towards it with tools, training and information access.

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tech debt

Technical Debt

Unless your teams are very apt in constantly paying down technical debt such as old code, bad decisions, vestigial architectures, there's likely to be a big burden that's slowing you down and costing your team considerable amounts of money.

Intelligent Hack can help you pay down technical debt, for good, not only via direct involvement, but also by teaching your teams the necessary techniques to pay it down themselves and ensure it never comes back again.

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It has been shown by many scientific studies that decreasing latency and increasing performance of applications has beneficial effects on users and that this phenomenon has effectively no floor. In other words, the more performance you can present to your users, the better your business goals can be achieved. The risk is that performance work, if not done correctly, can lead to bugs and convoluted code.

We can bring to your company the experience of developing Stack Overflow, arguably the best performant .Net site (es. pages served in <10ms, 500 million pageviews per month, 9 webservers).

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Did you know?

Companies in the Lombardy region of Italy have 15,000€ of EU benefits to have consultancy to implement remote work via FSE.

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